Welcomes You!



Saint Christopher’s Episcopal Church is a happy, inclusive, vibrant congregation in Southeast Florida, built on a foundation of faith, acceptance and loving kindness. We enjoy being in fellowship with each other in worship and in serving one another in both good and challenging times. We are known for our hospitality, embracing both new and existing members.


We are searching for a new priest who will guide us, inspire us, teach us, nurture us and minister to us, so that as our relationship with Jesus Christ and one another grows deeper.


Currently an aided congregation, we seek a compassionate leader who will challenge our notions of comfort while harnessing our enthusiasm, as we grow to become the parish we are called and inspired to become. We are open to new ideas, and we are ready to accept the challenges and the responsibility required of us in order to flourish. We invite you to explore Saint Christopher’s through this Parish Profile and on our website. 


And we look forward to meeting you!