Our Vision  

. . . . is to become a truly welcoming church that is accepting of a diverse group of God’s children, to be forthright in the proclamation of the Gospel, and be a true servant of the people.


Our Mission

. . . . is to be a growing, active church of diversified and reconciling people, proclaiming the Gospel of Christ, developing relationships based on prayer, mutual commitment, forgiveness, tangible care and to develop comprehensive youth and outreach ministries by focusing on our use of time, talents and treasures. 

Our Goals are . . . .

  • to grow a community of faith, deepening our relationship with God by following Jesus 

  • to be open, inviting and welcoming to all, aspiring to reach new people, fostering and maintaining a friendly atmosphere

  • to be active in serving our community

  • to develop a comprehensive ministry to meet the needs of members and our community and encouraging full participation in the church

  • to maintain effective communication keeping the congregation informed and energized