Our Faith Community

In the summary of the CAT Survey it is noted that our congregation has a: 

  • “theological perspective which tends to be more conservative compared to other similar churches”; 

  •  “culture that values spiritual experience, flexibility and conversion”; 

  •  “high level of vitality and needs to find ways to sustain and share its many gifts”; 

  • “Christian community where the rate of giving is high as a percentage of household income.” 

The average attendance for 2018 was 102. Our members are not only from Haverhill but from several surrounding townships, cities and villages within a 15-mile radius (>40% more than 5 miles), with one or two traveling more than 15 miles. There are also frequent visitors at our 10:00 am service. Because of the geographic distribution and size of our membership we are characterized as “regionally-focused” rather than “community-focused” and a “pastoral-sized church” (CAT Survey).