Although our numbers are relatively small, our members are generous in their giving and because of this and other initiatives, combined with sound financial management, the parish has been able to improve its finances over the last few years. Through ongoing development of stewardship, we have been able to generate significant income from our members. Financial needs for special projects have been voluntarily funded by members either individually or as a group. Additional income for the general operating expenses is generated through rental of both the church and Parish Hall, lease of the Education building to an independent operator, and intentional fundraising. A number of our ministries are self-funding, thus relieving pressure on the general funds. Special projects when undertaken, such as the installation of a columbarium and restoration of the Memorial Garden, are designed to be self-funding - the columbarium by the sale of niches and the garden by the sale of commemoration bricks.

Our actual operating budget for the period 2015 to 2018 and that budgeted for 2019 to 2022 shows a minimal increase of less than 1%.