What we know about ourselves

In preparation for our discernment for a new priest, our members completed the CAT (Congregational Assessment Tool), administered by Holy Cow! Consulting. Results of this survey not only highlighted our strengths but indicated where we are at now, and was also instructive for the further development of our goals and in identifying our members’ priorities.

From the results of the CAT we know that there is still a need for us to work on:

  1. Improving the

    1. quality of our worship experience

    2. level of friendliness among members

    3. quality of the music ministry 

    4. tolerance for the level of differing opinions and beliefs.

  2. Identifying and implementing best practices in family ministry and reaching people with the message of God’s love.

  3. Creating opportunities for our members to develop a better under-standing of the practice of stewardship and ways of managing the church’s financial challenges.

  4. Strengthening our capacity

    1. To serve those living on the margins of society. 

    2. to identify and quickly respond to those members who are not present in church, who are in conflict, or are struggling with their faith


It will therefore be necessary to form strategic teams to work on these needs and develop implementation plans.